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A big thankyou to Plastic Storage Systems. A great product range, catering for anything we have ever needed. Fast delivery and friendly service - a pure pleasure to deal with.

Rotational Moulded Containers

Plastic Storage Systems, Nationwide suppliers of Rotational Moulded Containers including... Plastic Bins and Tubs, Plastic Trucks and Mobile Truck Units, Tipper Trucks, Ingredient Trucks and Table Top Ingredient Dispensers.
The Rotational Moulding process converts raw material, normally a grade of Polyethylene, into a hollows or encapsulated shape by slowly tumbling a mild steel mould, in two axes simultaneously within a hot air oven.

By convection and conduction, the polyethylene melts, forms into the mould shape and is then cooled. Since the process does not use pressure, little if any stress is moulded into the product making rotationally moulded products extremely tough and robust.

Rotational moulding is a relatively slow batch production process ideal for smaller quantities, complex shapes or large mouldings, also better access to colour coded, small runs. Tooling can be produced quickly, generally within 6 - 8 weeks and at low cost, making the process ideal for special purpose products, designed to precise customer requirements.


Bins & Tubs. We supply a range of tapered bins, straight sided stacking bins, with lids available, used in food manufacturing, smooth, clean, lines are a must.

Moulded in virgin MDPE polymer, we can run small quantities in all primary colours.

Opposite is a typical selection of these mouldings.

Sizes range from 2 gallons to over 600 gallons.

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Bins and Tubs
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Trucks. Used in the Food, Laundry & Clothing Industries. Ideal for moving product around, when pump or pallet trucks are not available. The wheels are attached by a plastic stockboard base, and bolted onto moulded in bolts to the underside of the tank. Castors are in a 2 fixed & 2 swivel formation to give great directional movement.

Again mostly moulded in virgin MDPE for food applications, we can supply these in recycled material, where total hygiene is not paramount, ie: use in Laundries & Clothing Industries.

Again, we can mould small quantities in any primary colour. Opposite is a typical selection of these mouldings. We can, of course, supply the tank without wheel, for water storage.

Sizes range from 15 gallons to 130 gallons. For extra large capacities we suggest a steel frame to support the sides from bowing.

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Tipper Trucks. A great innovation enabling users to collect into the truck, and empty contents direct into waste systems, with the steep tapered end, combined with the steel frame, gives great strength and rigidity.

Capacities range from 385 to 850 litres.

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Tipper Trucks
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Ingredient Trucks. Used predominantly in food applications to enable operatives to access ingredients, like sugar, flour, rice, salt etc, the sloping edge gives easy access to the contents.

Eliminates the use of paper sacks in the factory. These are supplied with a clear polycarbonate flap to see contents inside, which are accessed with plastic scoops see our plastic hygiene section.

We can supply these with a worktable to enable users to weigh portions, bag & label the product into doses for later mixes.

Can be supplied without castors, and mounted on a steel mobile unit to take 3-6 off units.

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Ingredient Trucks
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Table Top Ingredient Dispensers. Table top version of the afore mentioned trucks. For seasonings such as pepper, spices, seeds etc.

Unique design, with clear polycarbonate flap allows visibility to see contents, an internal adjustable baffle allows varying flow rates for contents of different speed & consistency, therefore eliminates any wastage.

The back of the dispenser is designed with a tapered back wall to provide rotation of the contents, consistently throwing the contents forward, therefore assuring the use of oldest stock first.

The unit comes complete with drop on lid. Manufactured from Virgin MDPE.

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Table Top Ingredient Dispensers
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