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Plastic Pallets

Plastic Storage Systems, Nationwide suppliers of Plastic Pallets and Plastic Pallet products including... Perforated Pallets, Hygiene Pallets, Airline Lightweight Pallets and Bund Pallets.
Plastic pallets have become more & more popular in Industry over the last 12 years. In days gone by, wood pallets were used to transport goods, but due to rigorous demands on manufacturers & suppliers to improve safety & hygiene, wood pallets were deemed to be risky, as moisture increases tare weight, mould can form on the pallet, splinters form, and the whole pallet becomes unstable, and can prove a danger to operatives.

It is a fact that large companies would employ people full time solely to repair wood pallets, proving even more costly. Therefore a maintenance free plastic pallet was developed, and was used mainly in Flour Milling, to prevent damage to paper sacks, and now, the plastic pallet has grown into differing categories as illustrated below.


Perforated Pallets. Used in many cross industry applications, where air flow is required or less emphasis on Hygiene issues is an issue. This type of pallet can be supplied with an anti slip deck treatment, which significantly reduces the problem of plastic on plastic, when using trays and crates in transit, a perimeter rim to the deck is also an option for safety.

Full perimeter bases are an incorporated option for use in high beam racking. Material is High Density Polyethylene, which make this category extremely strong, load bearing capacity [ load in KG ]

Static: 7500 Dynamic 1500 In racking system 1250 @ room temperature 20 deg.C

This type of pallet can also be supplied with internal sealed metal bars, increasing beam racking load bearing to 1500 kgs.
Usual tare weight of pallets in this category is usually 26 kilos.

Sizes available: 1200 x 1000 & 1200 x 800mm

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Perforated Pallets
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Hygiene Pallets. Developed around 1986 to satisfy increasing strict hygiene requirements, crevice free version of the perforated pallets. This pallet is used where a high degree of cleanliness is required eg. Food, & pharmaceutical Industry, the pallet has no dirt traps, and is easy to clean.

The deck perimeter is enhanced with a lip to stop slippage, and can also be supplied with anti slip treatment.

Full perimeter base is standard for beam racking situations.
Material: Virgin HDPE. / Weight 23 kilos.
Load bearing capacity in kgs

Static 5000 kgs Dynamic 1250 In racking system 1250 @ room temperature of 20 degc.

A range of primary colours are available, for identification purposes.
Sizes available: 1200 x 1000mm & 1200 x 800mm

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Hygiene Pallets
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Airline Lightweight Pallets. Originally developed for air shipping, this category is lightweight & deemed non returnable. Sits on nine feet for full ground clearance, open deck, and has the added benefit of nesting when not in use. A perimeter lip is also an option.

Can be a cost effective way of keeping product off the floor.
Load bearing capacity in kgs.

Static: 2500 kgs Dynamic: 800 kgs / Not suitable for racking.

Sizes available: 1200 x 1000/1200 x 800/800 x 600mm

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Airline Lightweight Pallets
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Bund Pallets. A fairly new development, pallets designed with a sump to prevent costly spills & leaks of potentially dangerous liquids from storage containers or drums. Can be used for safely handling car batteries, and 200 litre drums.

Damaged drums or containers are placed on to the deck, and the contents drain safely in to the sump of the pallet to be decanted when the danger has passed, and the drums/containers have emptied.

Available in many different capacities, and sizes.


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Bund Pallets
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