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A big thankyou to Plastic Storage Systems. A great product range, catering for anything we have ever needed. Fast delivery and friendly service - a pure pleasure to deal with.

Plastic Containers

Plastic Storage Systems, Nationwide suppliers of Plastic Container products including... Plastic Stacking Containers, Swing Bar Stack Nest Containers, 180 Degree Stack Nest Containers, Attached Lid Containers (ALC's), Meat Industry Unibox Range, Traditional Butchers Trays, Plastic Containers for the Bakery Industry and Bread Distribution Trays, Storage Bins, Bins and Waste Management Containers and Plastic Baskets.


Stacking Containers. The stacking container could be described as the workhorse of industry. Originally developed as a replacement plastic beer crate by the Guinness Group for bottles, to replace heavy wooden crates. Was developed further to remove the inner compartments, and is still used today by many companies.

This idea was developed by the Guinness Plastics Group and more plastic containers were developed at their Dunstable base. It encompasses the breadth of application ranges, for food and non food operations, through to storage of heavy engineering parts & automotive components.

Designed for accurate stacking, strength and enhancing safe working conditions. Rugged design, available in most primary colours, perforated and solid versions, lids available.

Included in the range is the traditional Confectionery tray, still very popular with Bakers & Confectioners.

Mostly 600 x 400mm footprint, with half sizes, 1/4 sizes, and x 2 sizes, however due to the well established format is available also in non standard sizes, for more diverse uses.

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Stacking Containers
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Swing Bar Stack Nest Containers. A complete range designed for supply chain distribution, as used by all UK major retail supermarket chains. This is a well trusted and ergonomically designed range. Offering cost effective options of stacking, when full & nesting when empty for return, using a swing bar system.

When empty can save up to 65% of precious transport space, enabling handlers & drivers to collect in bulk for return to suppliers. One particular version the MN range using the calibrated bars, can adjust to 2 or 3 different depths, saving the need for a specific shallower tray. Mainly 600 x 400mm footprint, but also available in full and half size trays.

Other containers in this range includes the Bakery 15 & 12 loaf tray, which is commonly seen in supermarkets, with open sides for easy customer access, and point of sale. A good variety of colours are available in this range.

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Swing Bar Stack Nest Containers
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180 degree Stack Nest Containers. A different option to the swing bar system. This type of container can be turned 180 degree to stack, and reverted 180 degree to nest. Enabling space saving, therefore cost effective storage space.

Used in all industries, up to 70% nesting feature. Available in many varied footprint sizes, Lids are also available, perforated & solid versions.

Colour variations are endless, even two tone colours.

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180 degree Stack Nest Containers
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ALC'S Attached Lid Containers. An American concept, offers a secure consideration when distributing goods of high value. Pharmaceutical supplies, high value electrical goods, mobile phones, software. This range is designed to deter tampering, and to provide an excellent level of product security by keeping contents hidden from view.

Also available to enhance security is a range of security seals, and tags. The ALC range is tamper evident, which means that any attempt to force open a secure container would instantly recognisable, a great feature considering how many people are likely to handle one box on it's journey.

Available in 600 x 400mm footprints, half sizes, and x 2 sizes also. Wide range of colours available, and dual colours for a distinctive touch if required.

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ALC's Attached Lid Containers
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Meat Industry Unibox Range. The meat industry is renown for heavy duty requirements, therefore, this, combined with smooth, clean lines to eliminate possible bacteria crevices, and good design for strength, give us a range with these elements inbuilt.

PSS906 600 x 400 x 300mm 54 litre HDPE
PSS905 600 x 400 x 225mm 40 litre HDPE
PSS904 600 x 400 x 145mm 24 litre HDPE
PSS802 Lid for the above, Grey HDPE

Available colours: White / Red / Blue

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Meat Industry Unibox Range
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Bakery Industry. U.K. Bakeries have for many years used the Imperial 30 inches x 18 inches footprint [ 765 x 455mm ] bakery & confectionery trays, & most are geared up for this size with racks & ovens.

We offer a range of trays which are still based on the old tried & tested formula.

Models available are:
PSS2 765 x 455 x 90mm 20 litre HDPE natural
PSS4 765 x 455 x 125mm 30 litre HDPE natural
PSS6 765 x 455 x 175mm 50 litre HDPE natural

Other colours available on request
A version 18mm x 18mm mesh base
B version Solid sides & base
C version 4mm x 4mm fine mesh base
D version 18mm x 18mm mesh base mesh sides

Plastic or Stainless Steel Mobile dolly units available for all these containers.

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Bakery Industry
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Bread Distribution Trays.

PSS15 788 x 617 x 190mm
open front 15 loaf distribution tray Blue.

PSS12 762 x 508 x 216mm
open front 12 load distribution tray Grey.

Plastic or Stainless Steel Mobile dolly units available for all these containers.

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Bread Distribution Trays
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On the move. Having purchased your containers, crates, trays, boxes, you may find the need to move them around your working environment efficiently, and safely. At PSS we have the perfect solution, we offer an extensive range of wheeled dollies, developed to enhance productivity, safety and manoeuvrability whilst inter working with our extensive container range.

This product has been around for many years, but today's designs are inherently safer, stronger, and more manoeuvrable than ever. Our range includes, all plastic dollies, which are quiet, yet very strong, ideal for wet applications, made from both HDPE, Polypropylene or ABS. And Galvanised Steel & Stainless Steel for real heavy duty all round applications.

Castors, can be all swivel, 2 fixed & 2 swivel formations, with braked castors, we can even supply 6 wheel dollies for extra stability under heavy load conditions.

We stock standard 600 x 400mm, 800 x 600mm sizes, and can produce bespoke sizes for non standard containers. Colour coding is an option when selecting the plastic range.

We would be happy to quote for individual design specifications.

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On The Move
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Perforated Baskets. Designed originally for shellfish, but used widely throughout the fishing industry on trawlers and processing.

Also used for integration within the ORBITER centrifuge machine when spinning salad leaves for pre pack or sandwich assembly.

Dimensions: 428 x 492mm [ dia x ht ] Capacity: 45 litres.
Available in Orange or Blue.
Material: Polypropylene.

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Spinning Basket Inner Liner:
We also produce, an inner liner for the Perforated Basket, this serves as a finer mesh for use with small specification dicing of product.

Hand built product, using virgin polypropylene sheet, with a reinforced top rim, and base.

Perforated Baskets
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