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A big thankyou to Plastic Storage Systems. A great product range, catering for anything we have ever needed. Fast delivery and friendly service - a pure pleasure to deal with.

Hygienic Plastic Shelving

Plastic Storage Systems, Nationwide suppliers of Hygienic Plastic Shelving plastic products including... Euro Racks (the classic REA storage system), Mobile Tray Units, Gastronorm Racks, Tables and Workstations, Leisure Storage Systems and Specialist plastic storage systems.
PSS are proud to be able to offer the world famous range of REA plastic shelving systems. This quality, innovative product enjoys a 40 year pedigree, since it's first conception all those years ago. Since those early days the product, year by year, has been refined, and now is available as many different products, from static storage racks, mobile racks, tray mobiles, trollies, leisure products, all with total hygiene in mind. The benefits that plastic shelving provides, in comparison with metal shelving systems, is that it will never corrode, rust or chip.

The system is extremely easy to clean, light, easy to assemble, with no screws or pegs needed, indeed, a whole rack can be assembled with no tools being needed whatsoever, a standard 2 metre x 4 level racks can be assembled in minutes. Made from high grade synthetic material, will withstand temperatures as low as -40 deg C to + 80 deg C, the material is cadmium free, and is totally approved for food use.

Meat, Bakeries, Food processing, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Laundries, Kitchens, Hotels, Retirement homes, Laboratories, Shipping, Pharmaceutical applications, Swimming Pools, Fitness Centres and so on. Standard units are available from stock, but PSS can also offer a complete design service from concept to drawing board to installation, and tailored to suit any room or space.

Please ask us for any special requirements we may have already designed your requirement.


EURO RACKS - The classic REA storage system. Extremely strong, each 1 running metre shelf will support 200 kilos, therefore a 4 level unit will accept 800 kilos with ease.

Standard lengths available are:
1 metre/1.2 metre/1.5 mtre/2 metre Lengths

Standard widths available are:

Free space between the shelves depends on what you require to store, the most common free space is 350mm [ stock units ] although we can offer as little as 200mm up to whatever is required. We can also offer a pliable 2mm polypropylene shelf cover for small articles, such as small pots or parts, these also serve to make REA racks even easier to clean.

The EuroRack range can also be fitted with low noise castors to enable easy mobility, stainless steel or plastic housings are available with nylon wheels and braked or unbraked options. For uneven floors, we can also offer adjustable feet. View mobile version

Euro Rack - The classic REA storage system, Click here to view the Euro Rack mobile version
See the Euro Rack mobile version


Mobile Tray Units. We offer a range of mobile units which provide neat storage of trays, bins, baskets, service trays and plates.

REA mobiles can be designed and made to accept your existing containers, we normally keep stock of the standard Euro [ 600 x 400mm ] footprint.

View larger image and Mobile Tray Unit variations

Mobile Tray Unit - Larger image and product variations
View product variations


Gastronorm Racks. Some years ago REA identified the need for a standard rack unit to suit the Gastronorm series of containers, used mainly in Kitchens, Hotels, restaurants, and catering facilities.

The solution was to produce a frame to accept removable shelf grilles, providing good airflow for freezing or tempering, these can then be placed in the dish washer for thorough cleaning. When the grilles are removed standard Gastro trays & tins can be located safely on to the racks themselves, thus giving a totally safe method of transporting food, without the risk of spillage.

The Gastronorm range can also be fitted with plastic castors. Load rating on this range is 120 kilos per running metre.

View Gastronorm Rack images

Gastronorm Racks
View Gastronorm Racks


Tables and Workstations. Developed to offer Chefs or operatives a great facility to prepare food, and store ingredients or components in one unit.

These are mobile, and are supplied with a good quality plastic or Stainless Steel work surface. We also manufacture stand alone tables for scales, mixing and preparation, with a built in splashback.

For further details, or your own special requirement, please contact PSS.

View more Tables and Workstations

Tables and Workstations
View more Tables and Workstations


Leisure Storage Systems. Due to REA's incredible success over the years, the company developed a range of products for the Leisure Industry.

These include Float Storage [ swimming pools ] where any kind of metal is at risk of corrosion, the REA system has no problem at all, and very importantly, is quiet to move around.

Bench units for changing rooms, these can be standard benches or incorporating a wardrobe feature for hanging coats towels or sports bags.

More Leisure Stoarge Systems examples

Leisure Storage Systems
More Leisure Storage System examples


Specials. Many other uses for the system we have recognised and manufactured...

Dunnage Racks, Wine bottle racks, Vegetable display racks, Maritime racks, with secure locking shelves to stop sliding. Sandwich preparation combo racks, includes a worksurface & storage, Baby changing units, Baby playpens.

Please click on the image for a slide show of special units.

If you have any special ideas or requirements, please contact PSS

More examples of Specials

More Storage Systems Specials


Serving Trollies. PSS offer a range of useful serving trolleys, which can be used in most environments where high care is most important.

The REA all plastic serving trolley, lightweight, quiet, adaptable, and dependable.

Manufactured from high grade synthetic material, which is suitable for high care heavy duty applications at temperatures between - 40 deg c & +80 deg c totally approved for food use.

A smooth finish to the material ensures that the product is very easy to clean.

View close up image

Serving Trollies
View close up image


Bench Seat. Designed by REA all plastic bench seat for use in all manner of changing areas, Food Factories, Pharmaceutical laboratories, Swimming pools, fitness studios etc etc.

Also featuring a bench seat incorporating a coat hanger unit.

View with coat hanger unit

Bench Seat with Coat Hanger Unit
View with coat hanger unit
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